Digital Image Manipulation


building before building after

Using digital photo manipulation to create training aids where a real photograph would be difficult to obtain.


golden gate pre golden gate post

The client liked this photo of the Golden Gate bridge, but wanted the Marin Headlands removed and the aspect ratio changed.


beach pre beach post with shark

Adding some excitement to a friend's Santa Cruz vacation memories.


cable car pre cable car post

At the client's request, the traffic and trees were removed to emphasize the cable car, and the car's signage was changed. The aspect ratio was changed to fit the client's project requirements.


photo retouch pre photo retouch post

Digital photo restoration.


Charcoal the cat stretched

Making an admittedly long cat much longer.


Website Graphics


events banner

under construction banner

Website banner artwork. Creating a uniform look throughout the website, with variations within the theme.


navigation bar 1

navigation bar 2

navigation bar 3

Website navigation bar artwork. Modular, context-appropriate navigation buttons located at the bottom of every web page.


history diagram

Displaying complex concepts as simple diagrams. In this example, I show the merging of many fire departments into one, over time, while simultaneously showing the relative growth in the size of the department. On the actual website this graphic is an active areamap, and clicking on any of the department names will take you to a specific page about that department.


turnout clothing diagram wildland clothing diagram

Using indexed photos for technical descriptions and nomenclature.


Cartoons & Technical Illustrations


firechopper illustration high tide illustration
moving checklist illustration cats illustration
dinosaur signage dinosaur signage
cartoon t-shirt art

t-shirt art

Cartoons, technical illustrations, and combinations of both, for use in websites, presentations, t-shirts, signage, etc.


3D Artwork


jackalope sculpture flying pig sculpture

Left: Jackalope, Sculpey, 6". Right: Flying Pig, Sculpey and Liquitex, 6".


dragon switchplate unicorn switchplate

Left: Dragon switchplate; Right: Unicorn switchplate. Both stainless steel, Sculpey, Liquitex, glow-in-the-dark powder, 5"x3".


Biker Mouse switchplate

Throttle, a Biker Mouse from Mars cartoon character switchplate. Stainless steel, Sculpey, Liquitex, glow-in-the-dark powder, 5"x3".


jackalope stained glass cat stained glass

Left: Jackalope stained glass, 24"x30". Right: Pumpkin still life stained glass, 10"x16". Design taken from this photo.