A list of books and periodicals
where my photography has been
published can be found on my resume.

Apparatus Photography

Formal and informal poses.

fire engine


fire engine and ambulance
truck ladder maintenance


technical rescue
Event Photography

Incidents, Demonstrations, Training, Public Education. Many of the photos that I have taken have been used by other websites (public and private sector), magazines, textbooks, presentations, brochures, reports and training material.

incident fire


wildland drill
rescue demonstration


rescue demonstration
award lineup


interior attack


interior attack
burn trailer


wet drill
department tattoos
Technical Photography

Photography for training aids and technical equipment demonstrations. (On the left is a GPS receiver used in a fire engine; on the right is the display shown by an infrared Thermal Imaging Camera.)



thermal imaging camera
Historical Photography


"Then and Now" historical reconstruction photography. Identifying the sites of historic photographs, and taking identical scene photos as it looks now. The first example shows how an old fire station is now used as an historical museum. The second is an intersection showing how the city has changed since 1956, when the original photo was taken. The third example again shows urban growth. In many cases, much research must be done to try locate the position and camera attributes that the original photographer used. In some (such as the last example), changes have made the original location unaccessible, so another position as close as possible must be found. The third example also required photo splicing; since I was unable to stand as far back as the original photographer, it took two combined shots to match the panorama he had.


museum then


museum now
King and Story intersection then


King and Story intersection now
Winchester then


Winchester now


Landscape Photography


Pacific coast, CA


Vinalhaven, ME
Monterey, CA


Brimstone Island, ME
Wellfleet, MA


Vinalhaven, ME
Vinalhaven panorama

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Still Life Photography

The first photo, of Pumpkin on the couch, was used as the basis for one of my stained glass pieces.


cat on couch


turnouts on rack
Half Moon Bay, CA


Half Moon Bay, CA
Rockland, ME dock


Rockland, ME dock
Maine coast


spider in web
Murphy the cat in pet house


Smoky the cat
Murphy the cat at dinner table